Why Rice

The RicePipe System was first created 35 years ago with the original ‘Vacuum’ pipe. Further development, by the same inventor, led to the current RicePipe™, that uses white rice as a filtering agent for a cooler, cleaner smoke.

When inhaling through the RicePipe™, the rice, confined a stainless steel holder, diffuses the smoke causing it to follow a longer path around the individual rice kernels, thus cooling the smoke. The rice, being highly absorbent, also removes many of the harmful constituents in the smoke, resulting in a smoother intake, less likely to color your teeth or coat your lungs.

What is it that makes this pipe different from any other smoking accessory?

All of the materials used to construct the RicePipe™ are totally cleanable, resistant to odor, non-toxic even when hot, and are highly durable.

The RicePipe™ mouthpiece, traveling cap and safety sleeve (which doubles as a rice funnel) are made from food-grade Silicone Rubber parts that will not melt under extreme heat, up to 500° Fahrenheit. The glass is heat-tempered and thus extremely resistant to breakage, and the rice holder is made from high-grade stainless steel.

The RicePipe™ is also versatile in that it can be smoked like a cigar, or like a conventional pipe using a common drinking straw. The ability to attach a straw, makes it possible to share a bowl without sharing a cold or flu. When each person uses their own straw, their germs stay with them, rather than traveling around the circle. Far more sanitary!

Did you know the RicePipe™ can be used as a cigarette holder with superior filtering?! Attachment sold separately.

Why are there two carb holes?

When smoked from the back hole, the side hole serves as the carb. Insert a common drinking straw into the side hole, and the back hole, while smoking through the straw, becomes the carb.