How It Works

The RicePipe™ Everything Video

If you are new to the RicePipe™, watch this short video that covers everything you need to know to get the best use out of your RicePipe™.

Then if you want more information, or you need a little refresher, then check out the vignettes in the other tabs.

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Grip and twist to remove the silicone travel cap.


Place whatever you're smoking into the chamber [if tobacco, make sure to pack the bowl loosely], light, place a finger over the carb hole and smoke.


Alternately, insert a straw into the carb hole, and use the mouthpiece hole as the carb hole. You may find that this is a better draw—plus, if the pipe is being passed around, each person can use their own straw, thus preventing the spread of illness. Just remove your straw before passing the pipe to your neighbor.



For easier lighting of unburned chamber content, push the rice filter forward in the glass tube [but don't force it—see below] to emit ash and expose unburned content for continued smoking pleasure.


After the chamber content is consumed, use a chopstick, or similar household item, to readjust the rice filter inside the glass tube [again, don't force it—see below], reload, light and smoke.



Instead, use a lighter to warm the glass tube [no worries, it's made of tempered glass, so it won't break]. The idea is to soften the resins that are holding the rice filter in place. After warming the tube a bit, hold the pipe by the mouthpiece or the safety sleeve to avoid burns, while you gently move the filter.

If it still won't budge, heat the tube some more, and try again. You will, soon, get the hang of how much heating it takes to loosen the rice filter (not that much, really) -- and, if you get into the habit of doing this right after you smoke, then the rice filter will, typically, move without the need to apply heat.

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Restoring the Natural Rice Filter


Push the rice filter completely though the glass tube (works best if the glass is warm*) with chopstick, unsharpened pencil or similar household item, to expel the used rice.

Clean glass using one of the methods described in Cleaning the RicePipe™


Insert the rice filter spring into the glass tube so the tip is slightly exposed.

Place the safety sleeve at the edge of the glass tube creating a funnel.

Drop white rice into the funnel and tap the pipe to make the rice falls into the glass chamber. Add more rice and repeat as needed.

Gently press tip of rice filter back into tube and reposition safety sleeve.

*Only attempt to move the rice filter when the glass tube is warm, otherwise YOU WILL DAMAGE THE HOLDER. Warm the glass tube with a lighter, until the rice filter will move without excessive pressure, taking care not to burn yourself if the glass gets too hot.

Cleaning the RicePipe™

Glass Cleaning

The following are methods for cleaning the RicePipe™'s glass tube, using a chopstick, unsharpened pencil, or similar implement:

When The Glass Tube Is Already Warm:

  • Cut out a 3" x 3" [7.7cm x 7.7cm] section of paper towel, wad it up into a ball, and insert it behind the Rice Filter and then push them both out to clean the glass AND remove the rice (our favorite method). Avoid forcing the Rice Filter, you might damage it. Instead, if the rice filter will not move with light pressure, warm the glass tube using hot tap water or a lighter. Take care not to burn yourself!
  • Push a wad of paper towel (made from a 3" x 3" [7.7cm x 7.7cm] section) through an empty tube. If, on the first pass, the paper towel doesn't remove all (or most) of the crud, then push another wad through, or turn the soiled wad inside out and push it through again. If this still doesn't sufficiently clean the glass, then the glass is probably not warm enough. Warm the glass tube using hot tap water or use a lighter, and then try again. Take care not to burn yourself! Or, use one of the methods for when the glass tube is cold (see below).

When The Glass Tube Is Cold:

  • Moisten a wad of paper towel (made from a 3" x 3" [7.7cm x 7.7cm] section) with water and push it through the glass tube.
  • Soak the tube, briefly, in warm soapy water and then push a dry paper towel wad (made from a 3" x 3" [7.7cm x 7.7cm] section) through the tube.
  • Push an alcohol wipe through the tube.
  • Cut out a 3" x 3" [7.7cm x 7.7cm] section of paper towel, wad it up into a ball, dip it in alcohol and push it through tube.
  • Make a finger shaped wad from an SOS pad or scouring pad and push it through glass tube.

For complete sterilization:

  • Use an autoclave or boiling water

Silicone Rubber Cleaning

  • Wash in soapy water
  • Sterilize in boiling water