Thank you for your interest in the RicePipe Affiliate Program which is a tremendous opportunity for you to participate in sales of the RicePipe and receive a 15% commission through our affiliate sales program.

The RicePipe‚Äôs unique smoking system uses common white rice in an easy-to-use refillable ‘Natural Rice Filter’ device for a cool draw that protects the lungs, mouth and teeth from harmful tars and ash. The RicePipe also provides the option to have your own personal straw mouthpiece for maximum hygiene.

The RicePipe evolved because of the need for a safer, food grade, see-through, totally cleanable, burning chamber that is easy and fun to use. “I wanted a smoking device that could be shared without transmitting harmful viruses, including the common cold”, says the inventer, who is known in various Hollywood circles as the inventor of the ‘food seasoner/smoking gun’ pipe that actor Stacy Keach used many years ago in Cheech and Chongs' Nice Dreams. The ‘food seasoner/smoking gun’ was also recently seen on American Inventor. He added, “The RicePipe raises the bar for pipes available to the public. They deserve quality equipment.”

The founders of have been researching, developing and manufacturing smoking devices for over 40 years which has now resulted in the first hand held, rice filtered smoking pipe that brings the following benefits to the smoker.

  • Natural rice filter collects tars and ash and cools the smoke for a revolutionary smoking experience.
  • Made from non-toxic, easy to clean food-grade materials.
  • Rice is replaceable.
  • Reduces harmful second hand smoke.
  • Conserves tobacco and amplifies enjoyment.
  • Compact and efficient.
  • The RicePipe also allows each smoker to attach a replaceable flexible straw mouthpiece for their own personal use when socially smoking.


We offer a 15% commission for all sales referred from your website. Our affiliate program is easy to apply for by clicking on the link on our webpage and filling out our Affiliate Agreement. You will receive an email that your application has been received. Once your application has been approved we then contact you with the details on how to get started with the program.

There is no software to install on your computer system. The RicePipe Affiliate Program incorporates easy to use Interneka Affiliate sales and commission tracking web based software. Once you have placed the banner ad and link we provide on your website you will start earning a 15% commission for every sale from a customer referred from your website. You will be given an easy to access private administrative account where you can view your sales and commissions reports and you will receive email notifications whenever a sale generates a new commission in your affiliate program. We issue commission payments through Paypal every 30 days.

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We look forward to hearing from you and providing excellent support to ensure that your participation in the RicePipe Affiliate Program will be of maximum benefit to you.

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